January 10, 2019
Los Angeles Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go to LA
January 12, 2019

Join us as we visit Naples, Italy in this travel guide covering 10 of the top things to do in the city including eating pizza! With two full days in Naples we tried to …



  1. Sapphirelia says:

    Bonus: Overthrow a time-erasing gang boss as a 15-year-old son of a British vampire.

  2. Thank you for your tour of Naples, its really awesome.

  3. Incubus says:

    One of my stops in my future Jojo's Bizarre Adventure global tour!

  4. dafcorleone says:

    this is on my bucket list! Naples i have to go there one day.

  5. bertolino says:

    Non farsi sparare o derubare? Non prendere malattie?

  6. Spero che la loro visita a Napoli non si sia soltanto limitato a ciò che hanno mostrato nel video, perché mancano ancora tante altre cose da vedere.

  7. Where you from guys? You sound like Americans but not quite?

  8. sablin says:


  9. all legend…. Go to Saint Luis, or Detroit, each of them annually with the double of killed in whole Italy!!!

  10. I wish you had more days to visit the historical part of town with the narrow pedestrian street and some of our beautiful churches. Maybe this is a good reason to come back.

  11. Da italiano trovo Napoli una città sporca, caotica e soprattutto degradata e fatiscente.

  12. It's Antone says:

    Im of Italian decent but my family has been in America for over 5 generations now, so around the late 1800's. I cant speak the language and I don't know the culture aside from whats has lived on in my family through the generations but I have an irrational pride toward my Italian heritage.

    It is sad to find out that so many parts of Italy dislike other parts of Italy, can some natives elaborate without being too biased? Wish I could ask in Italian but like I said I know very little of the langauge

  13. what about the historical centre? 😐

  14. Sirupy says:

    Keep an eye on your wallet

  15. do not go there it is a SHITHOLE

  16. Thomas 27 says:

    There is this road, (Via dei Tribunali) with amazing food stalls and restaurants all the way along so I highly recommend it.

  17. Box Dolphin says:

    Can I learn the Golden Rectangle, and spin balls that can carve out stone

  18. devo dire la veritá: mi spiace che ci siano tanti napoletani che sentono il bisogno di doversi difendere sotto video di questo tipo per rimarcare il fatto che napoli non é quella che nel resto d'italia si pensa che sia, o per lo meno non é solo quello. E davvero mk sento vicino a queste perso e che vedono la loro cittá infangata tutti i giorni e conoscendola a sto gioco non ci stanno. PERÒ dopo aver visto il video non ho resistito! VOLEVO trovare tutti i commenti "o sole o mare" che c'erano. Volevo farmi due risate. Mi spiace Napoletani,chiedo umilmente scusa, ma non resisto ste cose mi fanno morire dal ridere!

  19. Phoenix Son says:

    Naples is a shit hole

  20. Dromedary says:

    thats not to how eat a pizzaaaaaaaaa

  21. Felipe GS says:

    I love your videos. It always making me hungry

  22. Archaelogical museum is best i ever visited … the deco of the ceilings is amazing enough …

  23. Slayer says:

    Whenever anybody says Naples instead of Napoli it immediately pisses me off.

  24. Italia non ci appartiene

  25. Anna 72 says:

    Avete visto xche si dice vedi prima Napoli e poi muori.xche nn ce niente di piu bello della mia citta grazie x il bel video

  26. bay of naples is gorgeus

  27. For roeign tourists only: good thing for you to come in Naples, as you can see. Naples is a wonderful city full with history, traditions, and monuments, where you can eat the best food in Italy. Just don't go to sicily. Shiticly is a dumpster full with mafia, waste, and criminals and nothing works there. If you go to shitcily you only risk to be robbed or raped. Look at the shame on sicilians . And those were to policemen who raped a girl: that's the proof that in shitcily everything is corrupted, even police. They have a medieval mentality and still consider women like objects right as in middle east. They train their women into prostitution from childhood they are just savages.

  28. Eating pizza with a knife and fork…. People should go to jail for this

  29. franco 51 says:

    Provate a chiedere agli anziani truffati ogni giorno da dai vostri paesani cosa pensano di napoli

  30. CHARLES 732 says:

    Entre le gâteau et la pizza ouf c est long long long

  31. Omer Akkus says:

    Everything is good except eating pizza by fork and knife

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