December 28, 2018
Ambergris Caye, Belize Cayes, San Pedro – Best Travel Destination
December 30, 2018

Come join us as we visit Krakow, Poland in this travel guide as we cover the top attractions and best things to do in Kraków in terms of museums, restaurants, …



  1. jequestrian says:

    Don't support city carriage rides

  2. DEADFOOL says:

    Go to the Baltic states it's the same thing (litterly) yet cheaper

  3. Bob Gil says:

    Did you guys do Budapest and Krakow on the same trip? Did you use Orbitz? Would you recommend go to one or the other first? We were thinking arriving then week in Krakow then week in Budapest then returning to US.

  4. Nice video ! visit Jakarta Indonesia please

  5. naonaonia says:

    W Krakowie, na Wawelu spod Kaplicy Srebrnych Dzwonów bije Czakra całej ziemi. Takich czakr na całej kuli ziemskiej jest tylko7, I jedna z nich bije na Wawelu! Dlatego to miejsce tak przyciąga, jak magia… ludzie to czują, choć nie wiedzą dlaczego)) to instynkt… Dlatego tam powstało wielkie europejskie miasto i dlatego wszyscy to miasto kochają, nawet wrogowie…

  6. Kraków to moje ukochane miasto, które odwiedzam jak tylko mam okazję! Pyszne jedzenie, klimatyczne miejsca i sympatyczni ludzie – cały Kraków! Przeważnie jak go odwiedzam zatrzymuje się w Hotelu Nowa Panorama, który znam od lat – jest tani ale zadbany i bardzo przytulny.

  7. Mr Vogt says:

    Great video but, you pronounce Krakow so wrong lol

  8. Aleksander says:

    Poland is the best country in whole Europe. This fact was known by Germany, Russia, Austria who invaded us in 1772-1795. Poland was three time bigger these times (990 000 km2, and now 312000km2). Russia, Austria, Germany (Prussia) had stolen our area. They were killing people speaking polish forbidding to learn this language in schools. 123 years from 1795 to 1918 there was no Poland in the map. Each 11th November we celebrate Regaining Independence called as Independence Day (check my channel for movies). The first and the second world war again brought hell down to country. German Nazis created death camps killing there 6 millions people. Firstly starving prisoners were working hard with nonsense works, later they were gassed with lethal Cyclone B gas (invented by jew, lol). Vast majority of prisoners were Poles. Today mass media in the world lie about polish death camps, you must know that lot of people from Europe bribed or intimidated while Second World War were collaborating with Nazi Germans, but sorry no Poles were there. With nazi soldiers they were helping them catch polish families and turning them to death camps. Polish families were hiding jews, and when such fact was discovered – whole family was killed on place or… sent to death camps. Today various jews want unbelievable amount of money from us, talking we are co-responsible of holocaust. These mendacious scoundrels forget who was helping their asses. European politicians shout in media there is no democracy in Poland, our previous traitorous governments were selling our factories, mines, everything what expensive they were selling very cheap to Germany. Today our industries slowly grows but it need lot of time to reconstruct everything. Poland is said by governs of UE that we are not multi-culti, endangered democracy, not progressive country. The truth is we have an order in clean cities, no one explode on the crowded streets shouting "allah akbar", nobody drive car into crowd on bus stations – like it was in so progressive Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden lot of times. All these countries have let in invaders and they say we should also take some these people who not assimilate with society, who do not learn language, who do not want to work and want money for nothing. These invaders rob people, rape womans, make cities dirty. In against Poland is safe country, if you are foreigner nobody will shout to you racist slogans. Our schools have high level of education, our cities are well communicated, unemployment became little. Our kitchen is great, our landscapes are beautiful, our tradition is unique. We are opened society, we are not nazi or racist. Our country is the best place in the world, check it for yourself! I would not change Poland to other country <3

  9. Travel Teez says:

    Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  10. whitey6380 says:

    Theres more of your faces in this video than Krakow. Just a hint, get your boat race out of the shot more often thanks.

  11. John Labus says:

    You hit most of the places that I visited back in the Summer of 2014! Nice job. The museum under the square is also worth visiting. In Kazimierz, also take the time to learn about the Jewish Ghetto of WWII and the long history of the people who built, inhabited, and eventually suffered within it.
    I completely agree with visiting Shindler's Museum, and recommend doing so before visiting Auschwitz.

  12. Alexander T says:

    My favorite Polish city is Novigrad.

  13. Bob Gil says:

    Did you just stay in Krakow the entire trip or did you at other parts different areas of Poland? How does it compare with Prague?

  14. Joe McCohn says:

    10 x more about food than monuments – pathetic …

  15. Helen Yushke says:

    Bout ice cream – you definitely missed couple of really extra places like traditional ice cream in kazimerz.

  16. Ruta V says:

    do people speak English there?

  17. Gacha Aria says:

    I'm going to Krakow in 3 days! ❤️

  18. Mass-issued Freak-a-Zoids the both of them.

  19. i already know the c ompany zywiec xD cause i live in poland elo jak tam umiem po polsku xD

  20. sulla 534 says:

    What a stupid video. Half the time they were just eating ice cream or eating Pierogi's. I can watch people eat anywhere. Spend more time on the historic parts, and it would be better.

  21. Kisses from Poland 🙂

  22. All Trade says:

    [ wolnoc polska #niezginella, stasiazubrzicka ]

  23. DomDom Juju says:

    Did you go see the castle and the dragon in Krakow while you were there?

  24. TMPR FuSionn says:

    If you’re not from Poland then fuck off to where you came from

  25. A byliście w Starej Zajezdni z najdłuższy barem w Europie? I piwem o niesamowitym smaku :)?

  26. Thank you for this nice video! I'm going to Krakow and it helps me ,) Thanks! Btw. I must try Lody ,D

  27. chris destro says:

    you just show us what food and icecream you ate.and the rest of the video was your faces…not so interesting review for Poland and sightseeings

  28. john ward says:

    Thank you great video,

  29. Samski says:

    Thank you for sharing! You are so talented. I really like to travel as well:)I recently revealed my first ever video – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would adore your pointers on my video/editing so that I will develop like you!

  30. ceradinimp says:

    Salt Mines! Just outside the city. Must see!

  31. David Gorski says:

    Świderki lody are the best Polish ice cream, in my opinion. They are like a swirl of chocolate and vanilla and the cream itself is to die for. This coming from a real Polish person, in Krakow at this moment, not to say the least

  32. just been here wow what a place

  33. Fletcher L says:

    Are there any black people there? Serious question. I would like to visit but im concerned about safety

  34. 5:06 I love the reaction! I am pretty sure mine was exactly the same after trying pierogi for the first time :))

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