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January 26, 2019
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January 28, 2019

2018 YEAR OF TRAVEL ( My YouTube Rewind! )

Travel Advice & Adventure: SUBSCRIBE & CLICK the ☞ My 2018 epic world travels montage! Thanks for joining me on another …



  1. Hey Nadine says:

    Thank you EVERYONE for joining me on another wonderful year of travel. 2018 was small in terms of exotic trips, 2019 is going to be big!! p.s. Thought I'd try something new 🙂 what are your thought on Premieres?

  2. amazing!! and just wondering, how long were you in each country for?

  3. Esra Alhamal says:

    Aaaaah this rewind is AMAZING!!!! Happy new year 🙂

  4. Wow, amazing year! I love travelling.. I made a travel rewind, too. Take a look if you want. Lots of love from Italy 🙂

  5. Marta Baena says:

    How fun! Thanks for your videos. I've interviewed other great bloggers like you about their biggest traveling mistakes, do you identify with them? Tell me yours!

  6. Ren P says:

    Hey Nadine, When is best time to go to canada for the blue lake?

  7. Bewen Xie says:

    cant wait for india!

  8. Such a beautiful video! You really have the greatest experiences while traveling!

  9. AM TRAVELLIN says:

    this is really good. this is life!

  10. great video. very envious. would live to get back into traveling.

  11. Mark Sakai says:

    I remember lost leblanc was only 80k subcribers and hey nadine was already 200k but bam lost leblanc doubled her subscribers also she never been to philippines too

  12. India is at the top of my travel list! Such a vibrant culture. I just did my end of 2018 video, would love for you to check it out and tell me your thoughts

  13. Cindi Singh says:

    This was such a beautiful video! The song choice was excellent, the editing was so on point, I'm feeling so inspired! I hope one day I can travel just like this

  14. Always LOVE your rewinds! Great editing, footage and inspiration ❤ 
    I have to make one of those too
    Hope your 2019 will be as awesome, or even better xx

  15. Miriam Onen says:

    Here before 20,000 views!

    Beautiful video!

  16. Great vid. Beautiful shots.

  17. Kimi More says:


  18. Nick Jopling says:

    I have watched you since the start, way back in WoW video times, and i have to say you have grown as an absolute amazing kind person! amazing video great work 2018 has been up and down, but over all you came out the other side stronger then ever!

  19. Ken Yup says:

    Great video,I came to this channel first time,this video is incredible and amazing,the path of your 2018 was strangely touched me,great filming and editing skills

  20. awww so much fun in 2018

  21. Liam Horne says:

    These videos have become tradition for me when planning my year ahead. Thanks Nadine 🙂

  22. PinHeadBOX says:

    Hey Nadine, where are you from? I'm from Russia and I learn English by your videos))

  23. Seun Carter says:

    This was such a beautiful watch. Love you Nadine, you are such an inspiration!

  24. Rebecca S says:

    Wow what an amazing year of travel. Look forward to seeing your adventures in 2019!

  25. Rachel Reid says:

    You’re living my dream life… can we trade lives? ❤️

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