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January 18, 2019
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Best 10 London Sights. Long-time local resident recommends absolute best of London

Join me, Gary Bembridge of , as I share the ten must-see sights in London. I have lived n the city for over 30 years and chose the …



  1. Didi Q says:

    Hi that was a very informative vlog . I want to ask you if most of the 10 sights is accessible to wheelchair? We are going to London as a side trip to Paris and my dad has a wheelchair . What about the tube ? Are they accessible to wheelchair too ? Thank u so much for the videos

  2. Enjoyed the video I but have to be nit-picky… HMS Belfast is a Light Cruiser & not a Battleship

  3. Salaal Ali says:

    London is 2 hours away from my city (Birmingham)

  4. suntanman99 says:

    Thanks for the video. I went to almost all of them when I was in London two years ago. To this list I would add the Monument. It's a lot of fun climbing those 300+ stairs and then getting a great view of the city. You had an incredibly sunny day for filming this video. Did you just get lucky on that?

  5. emma ess says:

    If you go to the Tower of London, do so in the morning and go directly to the Crown Jewels first. The line is relatively short in the morning and gets longer and longer as the day goes by.

  6. Thank You, always good to get a refresher! My sis and I will be there spring 2020. Want to catch a play as well as travel to Liverpool and Wales.

  7. Sheridan Gay says:

    Wow, this information is rather helpful when I go to London rather soon. Oh yes, I want to see the changing of the guard and the London Eye plus Hyde Park.

  8. Ruth J says:

    I'm so glad my Lenovo Smart Display recommended this video to me when I asked it for the most touristy things a person could do in London!

  9. mxylpx says:

    Luv this as I am embarking on my first trip to London in the next few weeks. Some good pointers!

  10. I have watched so many travel videos to London and found yours to be one of my favorites. Your a natural in front of the camera and the information was very useful. Thanks!

  11. Noah Moseley says:

    Thanks Gary. My family and I will be trying more than a few of these on our trip next month. I've got you immortalized at

  12. gnhansen29 says:

    Interesting video. As an Australian I'm keen to see the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham palace.

  13. Blackboard says:

    Thanks for these useful tips. We will surely try when in London.

  14. Very informative brother, thank you!

  15. Kathrin May says:

    Thank you for your commentary I truly enjoyed it and am ready for London !!!

  16. Abbey Road, Wembley Stadium are a couple that are very cool

  17. Elizanne says:

    Fantastic informative video, thank you. I've been to London twice and barely touched the surface of the things I want to see. I've seen a few of the places you have shown, but I can see there are a lot more. Just very expensive coming from Australia, but I'll be back! Loved Trafalgar Square…to see those lions in person was quite jaw dropping! The museums look fascinating!

  18. bee connolly says:

    It's princess Diana not lady!

  19. Will be in London for a second time next week after 14 long years. I haven't been to Harrods and I intend to spend time there, not to shop in particular, but to witness the biggest and most famous shopping arcade in all of Europe.

  20. Aelvir says:

    While not technically part of London a must-see for England has to be the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, more specifically their dining room of RMS Olympic’s First-class Lounge and their part of her Grand Staircase.

  21. Naila Rose says:

    thanks you so much for the visit great video and tips it helps a lot!

  22. Don Friesen says:

    Excellent video. All sights shown are must see sights. Also, I have really enjoyed the two hour London Walks guided tours of the lesser known London sights.

  23. Michael Fox says:

    Sir Christopher Wren my 10th great Grandfather

  24. We were in London last month for the first time. Based at Tower Hill – lovely location. Highlight was St Paul’s Cathedral. Unbelievable. Will be returning in 2019 as there was so much we never got a chance to see.

  25. gifino75 says:

    Brilliant, entirely useful. Thanks a lot for sharing this information with the world!

  26. artsygirlify says:

    Nice vid. Way better than some. Going to London next month for the first time. 2nd international trip ever…my first was Paris 3 months ago for my bday, so looking at London which is where I always wanted to go to first, it always seems  cloudy. Looking at this vid is the contrary. I mainly want to see the fashion houses like Savile Row, of course Buckingham Palace and Diana's memorial, the double deckers, Ben Big (caged), and London Tower and get that corny pic next to the red phone booths!  Unfortunately this is all I know about London's attractions compared to Paris. I looking forward to seeing more!

  27. thank you! excellent video and tips!

  28. Beth Roesch says:

    I I had to choose the one place I'd like to visit, hands down it's London. I'm not a fan of big cities but there's just so much of everything there. It seems not too difficult to get around and the Oyster card makes it pretty affordable. Since you're a Londoner, maybe do a video and show us what Londoners go to. What's a day or evening out like if you want a less tourist experience????

  29. This is one of the best travel guide videos I've seen! Very informative. Thank you for sharing

  30. This was a great video. I am visiting London at the end of this year and was browsing youtube for sightseeing advice. This was certainly the best. Greetings from down under and thanks for the video

  31. Jeff Michaud says:

    Thank you so much for that. This was very informative and I look forward to a trip in the fall to see a show, but will now follow your video as a guide to see some museums. Curious to know if you offer tours of London yourself. You would be a perfect tour guide. Thank you again. Jeffreymichaud7@gmail

  32. rose bengal says:

    Great video; planning a fall '18 trip, my first back to London in 31 years! Thank you for all the tips.

  33. I've always thought london was such a dreary dull awful city. Can you this series in the summer time in london.

  34. Great job. Great information. Very professional.

  35. I'm planning on visiting London after Christmas. Do you think it's a good time?

  36. Deja Voodoo says:

    No visit to the Ministry of Silly Walks?

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