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Budva Montenegro – Budva Old Town and beaches As the jewel of the Montenegrin coast, Budva is well protected by the breathtaking mountains offering …



  1. Dedu says:

    l was 2 mounth ago and was nice…..was very hard road, Romania-Budva 16 hour's…

  2. Monténégro very night

  3. RIGAUK - says:

    Awesome Place Like84

  4. Welcome to Montenegro and Greeting from Montenegro! – Bienvenidos a Montenegro y Saludo desde Montenegro!

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  18. Muy buen vídeo acompañado de una espléndida información. En mi visita a Croacia hemos hecho un pequeña extensión a Montenegro y hemos parado un día en Budva. Es una ciudad con mucho encanto. Feliz fin de semana. Adela.

  19. LexandNeek says:

    Thank you for showing such a wonderful area! We really love the history and the suggestions that you provide about Budva. Well done! Thumbs up 15!

  20. DJONDO says:

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  21. Oh I looove to see from Budva in Montenegro! I've been there! So happy you shared this, bringed back some memories 🙂 So beautiful video it's a beautiful old town and wonderful beaches 🙂 Best greetings <3

  22. Sebioslaw Li says:

    Very nice video and places! Greetings from Poland!

  23. I can understand why Budva is de best coast of Montenegro. It´s beautiful and amazing.

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