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February 2, 2019
February 4, 2019

Chicago Travel Guide | Things to Do, Attractions, Nightlife, Museums, Jazz, Theater and More

Explore Chicago with Where as we visit top attractions like Millennium Park, Skydeck, 360 Chicago and others before tasting deep-dish pizzas, visiting the city’s …



  1. Ravi L says:

    Do not forget to visit the Hancock Tower during sunset https://youtu.be/q4PyyetRSjA

  2. I know that's you he may like

  3. Where do you want to meet

  4. This is a local tip don’t go Gino’s or Pizanos go to Lou Malnatis’s for the best deep dish pizza

  5. Atomic says:

    you forgot about Wrigley Field

  6. I live an hour away from Chicago.its so fun I visited the beam too.

  7. Daniela says:

    Hello! I'll be in Chicago tomorrow! What's the best way to get around? I hear trains/buses but I'm thinking Uber?? Any feedback welcome!

  8. 2003JrF4i says:

    I just got back from there. Such a beautiful place to visit! Be sure to try out Gino’s for deep dish pizza!

  9. Cassie S-P says:

    I've been to most of the places. Some of them are for tourists but I used to live in Illinois and so, I wouldn't consider myself a tourist there.

  10. Such a beautiful place to call home! http://www.drhorton.com/Illinois/Chicago/Highland-Park I am working on putting together a list of everyone's favorite local spots. Anyone want to contribute?

  11. Beabea Arts says:

    Sad thing is that the Green House is ALWAYS reserved for some kind of event

  12. Welcome to the most dangerous city

  13. MIsS ZomBIe says:

    Thx I'm 10 and I'll be going to Chicago this summer

  14. CHANG SEO says:

    Have a online Chicago tour here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8yF1MjVVYs&list=UUsdoPtRLE3d5ZFgt49ZpNqQ&index=1 My wife made it. you can see many great clips we shot in Chicago daily life.  : )

  15. Keyser Soze says:

    They forgot about getting shot.

  16. Betsy Miller says:

    Great video. thanks for sharing. You will love the homes in the Chicago area, http://www.drhorton.com/Illinois/Chicago/Highland-Park I did, after visiting a few times and falling in love with this city I made the commitment to move here. lol I love it

  17. Timothy Keys says:

    Can't wait to visit next month

  18. I went to the first 2 places.

  19. Nathan Lewis says:

    The Sylver Gate Cloud Beautiful City Very Very Cheep Going For Week

  20. JackdaRipper says:

    There is this one place called Lincoln Park or something and it has a free zoo, I took a picture of the city and it showed buildings like the John Hancock center and apartments, it was a great place.

  21. 0:42 Ice Skating in Millenium Park
    0:54 Art Institute of Chicago
    1:14 John Hancock Center
    1:51 Deep-Dish Pizza at Pizano's
    2:08 The Untouchables Tour
    2:30 Garfield Park Conservatory
    2:42 Chicago's Theater Scene
    2:53 The Second City
    3:12 The Jazz Showcase
    3:26 The Green Door Tavern
    Thank you for sharing this video. Very helpful!

  22. I love Chicago been there many times.

  23. You could go to a Cubs game

  24. Thanks for putting up this great info. I will take my students in Taiwan to visit chicago in July and the info here is priceless .

  25. I didnt know about the observatory in the john Hancock cener glad i saw this sine im going there in a few months!

  26. Dang it i think im going there in april 1 month late for ice skating

  27. kasia says:

    Visiting my family there in March!

  28. Hop says:

    Cannot believe they left out the architectural boat tour.

  29. tariq green says:


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