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January 17, 2019
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January 19, 2019

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  1. Cloud Watch says:

    How is it possible for Colombia to have snow? Isn't it near the equator?

  2. Emily Smith says:

    Did anyone else catch the American gentleman say, "the connection reminds you just how human these people are" ? What?! You forgot that??

  3. Where are the Colombian hot girls?

  4. Udi Siag says:

    Amazing country, one day i will visit my family there

  5. Viva Colombia. Mi esposa es de Cali. Tal vez podemos jubilar en Colombia. Dan Cook in Bakersfield , CA.

  6. i love colombia because it very beautiful .

  7. God ur girlz r sexy n attractive I am jealous .. any beauty secrets..?

  8. D D says:

    I want to go to Colombia for butt implants!!

  9. deep singh says:

    Is it safe country for tourist plz tell me

  10. Is Neil Degrasse Tyson speaking?

  11. Brash ChCo says:

    Colombia + Venezuela =COCAINE

  12. sean lugo says:

    gringos no saben aser los nada los boricuas tambien telemos cafe

  13. Morley says:

    I just love Colombia.

  14. Espy C9rtes says:

    Es mi Sueno Visitar Colombia y in Dia voy a cumplir ese Sueno…

  15. emppuuz says:

    They didn't mention high murder rates and ofc COCAINE

  16. I'm Mexican and I'm going to Colombia next year. I love Colombia. Me encanta!!!I  Si tienen algunas sugerencias , dónde comer, quedarme etc. I would be grateful.

  17. Scott Arnold says:

    I am sorry, but Argentina, Mexico, Chile or Brazil are better than this. :/

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