Himachal Pradesh Tourism Video 2019 | Hp Tourist Places | Top Hill Stations & Places to Visit in HP
January 24, 2019
Cyprus Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit
January 26, 2019

Travel tips: different island tour options & activities. Also 2 tourists who drowned at Kayangan Lake. Coron Island, Palawan. Philippines Season 4, Travel Vlog 62 …



  1. Katherine RN says:

    Thanks for the info! But if you were to choose between Coron and El Nido, which one would you prefer to go to if you had a limited amount of time?

  2. Kon Leung says:

    This is very informative video , it’s clearly pointed out some “visible information directly which is easy for us to inquire those agency “ also I will have a trip to coron soon this end of January , so probably will reach out some of them to getting more information aside from booking airfare and hotel by my self “

  3. Great stuff man, I'm going there in Jan. This really helped.

  4. Vin Sio says:

    Dude this vlog is so helpful. My wife and I will be in Coron on August. will you recommend that Ocean Pearl travel and tours?

  5. Che espiritu says:

    I gave most of your YT links to my friend as she’s heading to Coron this month (and I’m too lazy to itemized my iteneraries before)as I believe your videos would be of great help to her as it did mine. Thanks for making them!

  6. very detailed and helpful. kuddos

  7. whats the date when u made that video? this wasnt 6.6.2017 or? cause the thing with the 2 guys was also when i was there same story but in April/Mai 2017, and there it was 2-3 weeks ago when i was there

  8. K C says:

    We just finished our trip to Coron. We [3pax] rented a private boat in our first two days. it was actually a blessing in disguise that we arrived late in Coron on our first day and all the boats of tour packages already left because we were left to choose the private boat. In our opinion, it is actually a lot better to rent a private boat for nearby sites because it will only be around P500 pricer but the quality of your tour is a lot better. we had our boat all by ourselves, not being congested with other passengers, and we got to choose which areas to go and how much time we want to spend there. Also, we heard there was an instance when this foreigner arrived late on the buffet table and all he had was the left overs of the other people in his tour. But for the places which are far away, we joined tour packages. For areas far away, it's better to join tour packages than have your own boat because the rate is really expensive and it wont be practical anymore to shoulder that amount of money all by youselves.

  9. K C says:

    hi do you know if it's better to just rent a boat for a group of 3 for the whole day? is it cheaper than packages or not? thank you

  10. Hi nice video very informative.. Me and my husband planning for el nido and coron tour.. After elnido we r planning to go coron.. Can u plz help us out, is it better to go for a tour package or just book hotel ahead and tours follow? We r first timer. Thank you.

  11. masheryl says:

    Weights? Why would they use weights and in free diving? Sounds like a suicide>_<

  12. Mian Ms.Z says:

    What if children 6years old same price?? We are planning to go by April

  13. Thad T says:

    Thanks for the video as always. I'll be calling Lisa from the U.S. Per your video, she seems honest. I'll be there in Coron also Christmas Day. Wondering if there are activities during Christmas or I guess I'll have to chill in the hotel. If anyone knows please chime in your input.

  14. iam Cool17 says:

    hi..at what exact date did you go to coron?im afraid that if ill get the tour when i get there the price will be higher..ill be there by may 2018..

  15. J. B. Arches says:

    The 2 tourists drowned at Kayangan Lake was unfortunate and very sad. This travel tips again made your video very interesting and useful.

  16. Master Joey says:

    My experience was unusual. I didn't go a tour agent. I spoke directly with one of the boat owners near the wet Market. We agreed all day any location, P2,000 for the boat owner and P1,000 for the boat captain but we have to bring our own food. We loaded the boat with fish, meat, and Liquor..We were doing BBQ, Drinking, snorkeling all day, music was blasting. Cap't was so drunk we didn't return to the dock until 7:30p! It was pitch black. I think we went illegal..lol It was so fun.. sunset was amazing. I hope I get that same Cap't when I return to Coron.

  17. evancortez2 says:

    Those two czech guys didn't seem very bright to me. Well, I guess it's just another case of Darwin's theory at work

  18. Steven Szabo says:

    Free diving is not scuba, but with scuba weights to aid decent (usually down a guide line) to see how deep you can get on one breath, USUALLY with no safety gear like inflatable vest and spare air bottle (at least for purists). The fact that BOTH of them drowned sounds a bit fishy to me.

  19. Why close that part of the Island? Coast guard already recovered the bodies, so I don't understand why they have to close it temporarily. Is this a first time for Andre?

  20. j burggg says:

    thank you kuya for your videos as i plan a trip to philippines from states with my friend. would love to visit AUS one day as well!

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