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December 3, 2018
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December 5, 2018

A travel guide to Melbourne Australia hosted by a Melbourne local, Ben. Ben takes us to the following attractions: Federation Square – Melbourne’s meeting …



  1. Know many of these places, as I live in Melbourne. Saying that this guy is so awkward, I love him!

  2. J Marshall says:

    3.30pm on a beautiful February day in Melbourne we decided it would be fun to go on a river boat trip. Wrong! They were closing. That was our impression of Melbourne. Everything shut early.

  3. Jack Boot says:

    As you see from the video , there is nothing worth seeing in Melbourne . Street gang crime is out of control, don’t walk streets at night . Lousy , unreliable weather all year round . Avoid .

  4. ltchyba11s says:

    Who was the Austmerican with you?

  5. Wayne Dunn says:

    I understand what your doing. But Melbourne City Council actually lied about the "Made In Melbourne " By Robert Doyle former mayor,On the trams when you see Made in Melbourne , the new trams were actually built in Germany then exported over here to melbourne. Even the City Of Melbourne Logo is not Melbourne made. The designs we have in Melbourne are made from India , Japan and Germany, It's a shame that people don't know this. No offense guys , overall you did a great job

  6. Darcy M says:

    Ben, mate. What kind of locals tour of Melbourne is this without showcasing REVs or Boney.

  7. lilyonenote says:

    I love the vibe of Melbourne, the wonderful architecture (old and new), the food, the markets and the people. Bourke Street is so lively, and it's great that they have free trams in the city circle.

  8. Samski says:

    Thank you for sharing! You're so skilled. I really like to travel also:)I fairly recently shared my first ever movie – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would really like your observations on my video/editing so I can also get better like you!

  9. … oh dear, "LA"…too bad you weren't wearing a "Melbourne" cap -_-

  10. C’est Moi says:

    Ben, what’s with the LA cap, u are representing Melbourne not LA.

  11. Just got back from Melbourne, and yes, their jelly doughnut is really good and man, I tried St Ali for coffee, nice one. Stayed there for a month and met nice Melbournian. Going back there in July 🙂
    Nice video!!

  12. I was hoping to see Flinders Park

  13. Colin Li says:

    Ben looks like a really nice guy

  14. Seems like a nice guy though

  15. This dudes personality is just vanilla

  16. Peps Haven says:

    Australians do NOT call them "Jelly Donuts", we call them JAM DONUTS. Calling Jam, Jelly is an American thing. To Australians, Jelly is that thing Americans call Jello. Also Americans do not price things properly. There is the price on the sales tag and then there's the PLUS TAX when you get to the checkout. It's unreasonable and just plain rude. You have the right to know the FULL price you will be paying up front and nobody should have to ask to obtain it. Australians do it properly. The price on the tag or the price you are quoted INCLUDES tax so you know eactly what you are paying up front. We are a civilized society.

  17. Cunts in Melbourne here I come!!!!

  18. Ahmad Barham says:

    Great effort, great video, thumbs up. Keep going. it really provides valuable info.

  19. How cool to have a personal tour guide

  20. I have heard Melbourne has the best coffee,I don't drink coffee much but I must try some when I venture to Melbourne in January

  21. Mel Catley says:

    Something interesting about the Queen Victoria market: The carpark sits on top of an old cemetery

  22. Stephanie Yu says:

    Pretty good video about Melbourne CBD

  23. "You can paint anywhere really, until the cops get you" LOL

  24. Awesome video! I need to visit Australia at some point including Melbourne. It is cool to also hear about Melbourne from a local's perspective along with yours!

  25. captnclam says:

    You should ask Ben to take you to Collingwood, a few places I'm sure you will enjoy are The Peel and Club80

  26. ocgirltw says:

    Great job Ben! Love your Australian accent!

  27. Enjoyed co-hosting with you Chris. We'll have to do it again one day. Thanks for all the positive messages. All the hate mail goes to

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