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November 22, 2018
Takeoff to 15 New Destinations in 2017 and Beyond – Qatar Airways
November 24, 2018 New York City is an international metropolis built on the shoulders of immigrants and their descendants.



  1. Dat Guy says:

    Always wanted to see what NYC is like and went this summer. What an anti climax. So underwhelming. Such a shithole

  2. I was born there and I’m there right now

  3. s m imtiaz says:

    "New York" is so beautiful. My love & respect to "USA"…..

  4. American people's have their own extra ordinary development thought

  5. Going to New York in nov 2018 I’m excited this video was great!

  6. George P says:

    Ground Zero of the World. i was there and this was the first thing i said when i stepped into Times Square. It's breathtaking and you can see that every part of the whole world is there.

  7. Main Adnan says:

    my dream I am go to America

  8. De U says:

    This fascinating city that never sleeps is the most multicultural city on earth. Perhaps only London comes close to being this culturally diversified globally.

  9. Kim Jung kun says:

    It is a beautiful city. I want to try the atmosphere in New York.

  10. Thanks for guideing us because we are going there .on December

  11. BertVegas says:

    What about the massive rats

  12. I wanna go there, and put baby oil over my body and dance around on roller skates, wherever next……

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