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December 25, 2018
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December 27, 2018

Padua, Italy, travel in the Old Town

Padua in northern Italy is one of those great old cities with a beautifully preserved historic center. The pedestrian zone has got arcades and shops, bars and …



  1. oh my god my last name is Padua

  2. Beethovenini says:

    Piazza Gary Baldi like Gary Cooper.

  3. While the students shown may well have graduated from the medical program, in Italy Dottore / Dottoressa is used for any person holding a university degree. Physicians may be called medico, although they are also dottore/dottoressa.

  4. Why do some Italians insist on being reckless drivers/riders….ugh, that's just asking for trouble…tourists beware!!!…anyhow, Italy is so beautiful…can't wait to visit.

  5. The David says:

    Oh yeah there's plenty of moroccan pushers too

  6. Procuro por famílias sobrenome Gagliotte

  7. dziri jiji says:

    Ho trascorso 18 anni a Padova, una città bellissima, ho dei bei ricordi

  8. dziri jiji says:

    j'ai passer 18 ans a padova,une belle ville,j'ai garder de bon souvenir

  9. Sou de antecedência italiana e não sabia, que legal…
    #partiuItalia kkkkkk

  10. — ALE — says:

    Sono l'unico italiano?

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  12. Great city. We had the good fortune to visit Padova in 2011. The one place you didn't mention or show in the video is the memorial to 9/11. It is in a pleasant park by a river and in my opinion, beautifully done.

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  14. Mihai Frigea says:

    very informational video, just subscribed to your channel 🙂

  15. I'm from Padua and I must say, well-done! But…you totally miss the southern part of old town, with Prato della Valle and surroundings! And it's literally a big missing: Prato della Valle is a monumental square, built in late XVIIIth century, which is the second-largest city square in all Europe. And nearby you may find the Botanic Gardens, which as you correctly cited are the oldest ones in the World, and impressive Santa Giustina abbey (basilica): one of the largest churches in the World.

  16. Thank you for your videos….very peaceful….to watch…..

  17. Tridhos says:

    Wonderful video thanks for posting.

  18. WOOZY-tv says:

    Great video. Thanks for this channel!

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