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December 22, 2018
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December 24, 2018

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the second largest city on the East Coast of the United States, …



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  2. PeEpO DaNkUs says:

    tHe oNlY tHinG yoU'lL rEmemBeR iS tHe trAfFic on ThE 422 oN a fRidaY niGht aMiriGht/?/?/?

  3. Mark D says:

    High crime, high taxes, and a dirty shit hole.

  4. I red many comments but not a single one told a thanks to the ancient city of Greek Philadelphia the licn of Christianity and freedom..

  5. Savy Breci says:

    I've finally visited Philly today, and there something I'd like to say…..

    It's definitely the best Us city, if you get the change go for it 😉

  6. timmmahhhh says:

    Add Mutter Museum to this list, incredible place.

  7. Don Mario says:

    They dont call it Killadelphia for nothing.

  8. comin to see you soon!!!!

  9. Hugh Jass says:

    Pittsburgh > Philly

  10. hey everyone my family is going to have a trip in philly but my parents don't speak english so it seems hard for them to enjoy (even understand) all those historical places. any advices? we can't decide now.

  11. I'm from Philadelphia, PA.

  12. Heading to Philly in September again.
    Brother is running a marathon.
    What else is there to do there besides museums?
    1 ran the Rocky Steps
    2 saw a Phillies game
    3 saw Liberty Bell
    4 City Hall walkthrough
    5 three different kinds of Philly cheesesteaks
    6 walked around downtown for a couple of hours
    Missing anything?

  13. I live in philidelphia and am regretting moving to Jersey now

  14. I had a couple of days on Philly in April 2018 and it was nowhere near enough time. If you like museums and American history you are spoilt for choice. In the end I had to be selective and spent day one doing the Historical Park, including Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Christ Church burial ground and Benjamin Franklin museum, and the next day doing art galleries, parks and Reading Market. One thing not mentioned in the video is the Barnes Foundation; possibly the best concentration of famous artwork I've seen anywhere.

  15. If we could elect a Republican to run the city it might have a chance but 60 years of democrats control has Philadelphia in the shithole group like CAMDEN, CHICAGO. BALTIMORE, ETC ETC ETC

  16. Starbucks in center city Philadelphia loves the blacks males that come in for a coffee. Philadelphia democrats have made Philadelphia taxes way out of hand. Dont but a soda when you visit bring them with you. Dirty Philadelphia streets are as dirty as KENNY WATCH. lining your pockets from the tax payers money.

  17. I love Philly

  18. nat lee says:

    Find the airport ASAP!Only thing you want to see.

  19. That's my hometown 😀

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