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February 12, 2019
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February 14, 2019

In this video You can see Pattaya Beach road and Jomtien beach Pattaya at evening time. This video was filmed in 2019. ▻▻▻ Book hotels in Pattaya with a …



  1. Paul Mullen says:

    What a waste of everybody's time

  2. usman boota says:

    The comment section is more interesting then this video lol

  3. vf traveler says:

    Why did you bounce all over? Had to give it a thumbs down.

  4. Leonard Wong says:

    Sad to see a Buddhist country fall so low. The Military government has done a great disservice to it's people.

  5. Mr Automatic says:

    So, where is your proof? Stupid video of the beach.

  6. AkumaBKK says:

    600 baht short time lol, maybe in 1990. For that price does she come with a wheelchair ?

  7. Wayne says:

    If you did this in the west you would be arrested.
    Perverted voyeur posts boring video

  8. Bo Sheek says:

    I dont pay more than 500-600 THB short time for freelancers.

  9. rugssean says:

    The dude was walking like he just had finished a date with a ladyboy

  10. James Wicked says:

    It is disgusting to see how you encourage people to look for and to have sex with prostitutes. Shame on you!

  11. I went to Thailand only once; a nice country except for the ultra-aggressive anti-Western men who'd fight at the drop of a hat but the ladies were wonderful! I loved the food!

  12. honestly, stalking that one couple was kind of creepy…. the girl noticed you filming every time and there have to be some rules and some kind of understanding that we as humans share

    consider that maybe what you have done there is not the best course of action…. i get how it's easy to become a voyeur there but think if you would the exact same way in another country and feel just as comfortable doing it

  13. Toby Jugg says:

    Managed 8 seconds – another crap vid by an anonymous tool wandering around

  14. If you are paying more than 1000b and a motorbike taxi ride home for short time, you're getting ripped off.

  15. When you go on a Thai dating site there are the type of girl you talk to you think its a real person looking for a relationship and they are hookers

  16. Just like all the other videos. BORING. Looks like a complete shit hole. Sure some of the girls look amazing but get real. See roguemales comments about Indian gangs!

  17. cerverg says:

    LoL It looks worse than Manila

  18. The only thing your going to get in Thailand is aids.

  19. When you say freelancer you mean dirty little whores right?

  20. 0.03 คืออีดอก มึงนึกจะทิ้งขยะตรงไหนก็ทิ้ง มึงมาเที่ยวประเทศเขา เห็นคนไทยง่ายๆไม่กล้าพูด นึงจะทำไรก็ทำไรง่ายๆเนอะ.

  21. Juan Roman says:

    9.24 Mujer corriendo con una camiseta de ARGENTINA. ?!?!?!..

  22. cathy Better says:

    I would have bolted across traffic without even looking, for the girl in the white flowery dress with DAT ASS at 1:08. Wouldn't even look before running. That is a hot piece right there!

  23. 2000+ for cute girls on beach rd lol – Amateur

    Don't ever pay that for girls on Beach rd

  24. Mark Pattaya says:

    Video summary (so you don't waste your time trying to watch this garbage)…..

    Guy walks around and videos it. Next to zero editing….crap sound…..
    90% of the girls are just pedestrians or tourists….not freelancers.
    90% of the video has got nothing to do with the title.
    Most of the video isn't even on Beach Rd FFS!
    He managed to do a video on freelancer….when most of the half decent ones are still in bed. Be prepared for some butt fugly girls.

    ….and judging by his standards, this guy is ugly as f**k………or from you know where…..

  25. Hans Engels says:

    You do not name some freelancer lady's ugly, nobody is ugly. Beauty and attraction is different for everyone. Mostly beauty ideals indoctrinate us what is beautiful and what is not. Every person has something beautiful.

  26. Boring boring boring. You wasted your time with this piece of garbage.

  27. How much for a blowjob in low season? And do they swallow??

  28. Those old guys look like they are about to keel over

  29. ande24392 says:

    2:05 is more like it…2 cuties

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