Scotland Tourist Attractions: 10 Beautiful Places to Visit
January 29, 2019
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January 31, 2019

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  1. I love Nova Scotia. My mom is from there. The people are so nice. I could sit on the rocks at Peggy's Cove for hours and listen to the waves crashing.

  2. Me and my friend we want to go on a 137 day road trip around canada, and then a separate trip to Nunavut

  3. David Gibson says:

    I’m from Kentucky, and I love to visit Canada with my family. Thanks for these informative videos. We’ve found them to be so helpful. Visiting the Maritimes this summer and can’t wait!

  4. Eric Thomas says:

    I have a contry crush on canadians everytime i meet a canadian here in florida i just want to give them a big hug and boop!! there nose

  5. cathy Rr says:

    I would like to live there

  6. Would love to settle here

  7. jack zhou says:

    Halifax is a magic place. I lived in China more than 20 years, witness so many big cities. However, I found Halifax is my ideal place to set down and create my next generation. Its a place god agree with.

  8. Rapas says:

    Damn Canada, you are so beautiful.

  9. Lilly says:

    Nova Scotia seems to be very beautiful and I would love to live there one day. Thank you for uploading this video 🙂

  10. 福白汪 says:

    Had a stupid grin on my face the whole time watching this, can’t wait to go with bae

  11. theoneanton says:

    You didn't visit Sunnyvale Trailer Park!

  12. Bebe says:

    Love the series – my best vacations have been in Canada. My go-to place. BUT, you did not (fortunately), include THE BEST place in Canada – it's best kept secret. (I'll keep it that way – sorry.)

  13. ShafterRod says:

    You skipped Parrsboro and five islands? Beautiful part of the province.

  14. A billion year history??? realy???? are you serious now??good for you. here in greece we have only 3000 🙂

  15. GiacoC says:

    is true that getting green card in Canada is much harder than in US?
    If I wanted to move to Canada from Europe. Is the process long and hard?

  16. Auby says:

    Should've went to York Redoubt when you were in Halifax. WAY better than shitty Citidel Hill. It has the best view of ocean, caves built during and before WW2 to explore (if you're brave enough), and a nice walking trail that leads right down to the water. It honestly shocks me that it's not well known. Another beautiful spot, better than Citadel Hill, is The Dingle Tower, although it is now really popular with immigrants who bring portable BBQ's and have giant families.

  17. getrdone says:

    Born and raised down homer, i miss it every day

  18. joe scotia says:

    we have it all love nova scotia

  19. Chevy Spark says:

    Wow Canada is boring.

  20. Looks like beautiful place to live

  21. A b says:

    i love your vlogs ❤

  22. Trudy Veitch says:

    You missed my favourite part of Nova Scotia… The Annapolis Valley!! Great film!

  23. Pictou county is a must see in Nova Scotia as well

  24. John Lynch says:

    The best things to do in nova scotia … Get on a plane and never come back .

  25. John Caban says:

    Made my decision going there easier! Thanks

  26. Ok, people are friendlier there. It's really nice, and Americans don't know that. As friendly as America is! as not the worst collective social-enterprising community of one happy, fun, merging world, Canada's more so, personally. It doesn't stress classes, and it's more recognizably tolerant like that, for gay people. I want to live there, by the way, for that reason. But I have no money and can't live anywhere. I'm recovering somewhat and probably will need to forever, so I hope horizons open up from the sheer angst of not being allowed to be like an aunt! to any interest, so I'll have a room to retire, looking out on some small city. With pets everywhere and a better world – out of setting back progress for animals reach. I'd be that aunt to many. Donate. The Finns would, they understand other contributions than the right-wing tests setting us back, for transsexuals with their guaranteed income experiment. Not all feminists are secretaries.

  27. Elemental says:

    Being from Old Scotland I think it's time I visited New Scotland! Canada really is the most beautiful place in the world.

  28. Surebudd 13 says:

    I love my province Nova Scotia and Halifax I live in Halifax and it beautiful

  29. Sage Cannon says:

    Wish you could have gone to do many more places!! This made me homesick for NS

  30. Riguy 48 says:

    Annapolis Royal is a small town and it's a tourist attractions

  31. Riguy 48 says:

    I've bean to most of these places and I'm glad someone took and notice how beautiful Nova Scotia

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