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November 23, 2018
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November 26, 2018

Takeoff to 15 New Destinations in 2017 and Beyond – Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, the award-winning and fastest growing airline in the world, today announced eight more destinations for 2017-18, in addition to seven previously …



  1. vegas? still hasn't happened except amari

  2. Gabo says:

    Please go to Montevideo Uruguay

  3. Al final cuando vendrán a Santiago??/ When are you arriving to Santiago??

  4. Doha-Sarajevo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Areeba Syed says:

    my ambition would be to become a Qatar airways pilot. I love u Qatar airways.❤

  6. amir asyrafi says:

    medan? are you serious?

  7. Armaan S says:

    I wish Qatar Airways could fly daily to Toronto! I think they will generate a lot of profit from that route as many passengers would connect to India (Amritsar).

  8. I wonder how is it going to be the flight to Santiago de Chile
    is it going to be Doha-Sao Paulo-Buenos Aires- Santiago?
    Are there going to be layovers in Buenos Aires?

  9. Oh yah, also thanks for coming to LAX, our travel became much easier, though it would be even easier if you're airline makes a route to San Diego, so you can bring a Boeing 777-200LR and Boeing 777-300ER

  10. GREAT airline. Your airline should one day come to San Diego.

  11. When will you announce start date for Santiago flight? hope it will commence within this year. Last year I had to depart from GRU with you guys.

  12. FINALLY they are coming to Santiago <333

  13. What the name of the song?

  14. Adika Purba says:

    Medan, Indonesia

    Good Job, Lake Toba goes to International Tourism

  15. Cáelán Fox says:

    fantastic flights to dublin

  16. +Qatar Airways please go to Penang

  17. You'll need A380's for a few.

  18. Syed Hoque says:

    +Qatar Airways please start flights to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, San Francisco, Charlotte, New Orleans, San Jose CA, Phoenix, Baltimore, Lima and San Diego.

  19. Arben Zeqiri says:

    I want to start by saying thank you Qatar Airways. Thank you for delaying my flight and ruining my week long vacation and travel plans. Thank you for missing my brother's birthday party. Thank you for not being there when his surprise birthday present (basketball hoop) was supposed to be delivered and installed. Thank you that I had to get his wife to take a day off work in order to be there instead of me, because I was stuck first in Colombo airport for 7 hours and then in Doha for a night. Thank you that you ruined the surprise, because I had to tell him because there was no one else there to take him out for the day while his present was supposed to be delivered and installed at home. Thank you for making me wait in line to check in for my flight for over 5 hours, only to be told that I had to wait a while longer, as in several more hours longer. Thank you for creating a chaotic situation by not telling anyone waiting for their flight to Doha at Colombo airport, families with kids, elderly and people trying to get home to their families, tourists ending their vacation on a bittersweet note (sweet because of the beauty of Sri Lanka; bitter because of the flight and customer service). Thank for your inadequate, inefficient and completely useless and incompetent customer service, who were just trying to run away from the exhausted passengers who were trying to get some information as to when the flight is supposed to leave. Thank you for communicating your delays in timely manner, which then allowed me to spend the night at the airport instead of looking for another flight which would could've gotten me home on time to for family events and celebrations. Thank you for taking action when I asked the customer service representative, which again would have been enough time for me to book another flight. Instead your customer representative was just standing there doing absolutely nothing, so thank you for that. Again thank you for the opportunity to spend the night at the airport, instead of my place or flying to see my family. I really enjoyed trying to rest for couple of hours after getting my boarding pass on those metal small seats at Colombo airport. You see, you could've had the decency to offer access to your lounge after waiting all that time, but I suppose that would've been too much, so instead I had to get some "rest" on metal seats, which gave me back spasms. Thank you that when I got to Doha, your customer service there was again consistently useless, inadequate and incompetent and did not manage to get me a flight to get me home at least few hours earlier since I was delayed and couldn't get home on time as planned. Despite me asking multiple times to be booked on a Emirate's flight which would've allowed me to be home in the morning and have at least the Sunday with family, again you consistently managed to offer me nothing but "your apologies for not being able to do anything". And finally thank you for telling me that you can upgrade me for all the trouble and hardship I had to go to because of your delays, incompetence and disservice, only to be told once I got to the gate, that you couldn't upgrade me and that whoever told me that I would be upgraded didn't tell me the truth.

  20. Gordie Bobs says:

    when if ever will you fly Cebu

  21. Qatar Airways is abandoning Brisbane 🙁

  22. Gaby Lugo says:

    please expand lot more in south america and you will reign the skies!!! go qatar!!

  23. What about Brisbane, Australia??

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