Amazing trip to Dhanushkodi Ram setu Rameshwaram
December 24, 2018
Padua, Italy, travel in the Old Town
December 26, 2018

What’s your favorite wonder? Comment it below 🙂 The New Seven Wonders of the World: -Great Wall of China – China – 0:01 -Petra – Jordan – 1:05 -The …



  1. Check out our new video about the beautiful Grand Canyon!

  2. I hope one day I can see all of them

  3. BEN says:

    what about Iran Persepolis?

  4. Great Wall is super WOW!

  5. Putra Vermin says:

    no BOROBUDUR Temple from Indonesia

  6. Mio Angel says:

    I visited the colosseum! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I love Brazil. I love the redeeming Christ ♥

  8. 8th wonder statue of unity in INDIA

  9. Jiban Chetry says:

    Taj mahal made was ustad issa

  10. Eli Soto says:

    Christ the Redeemer??? Really???

    There's a lot of places/monuments that are mor wonderful than that statue like Angkor Vat in Cambodia, the Moais in Easter Island, Meteora and Necropolis in Greece, the Piramids in Egypt, Mecca in Arabia…

  11. Elitedevil says:

    I liked the old ones more go back pls

  12. addis zegeye says:

    about lalibela Ethiopia

  13. StudentatthemomentandIamlookingto

  14. MARIA A.S says:


  15. IIicefireII says:

    Where Is Palawan From Phillippines Palawan in el nido is the best

  16. Where is the chocolate hills of the Philippines? That is a real wonder because its not man-made , go and see for yourself, mountain shape like huge breast at the same size and as far as your eyes can see… Its Gods creation…

  17. tommy sport says:

    Any book avaliable on hollow earth,,,,best wishes.

  18. Angkor wat, banawe rice terraces, borubodor, longji rice terraces much deserved than christ redeemer statue of brazil wtf.

  19. Jun Dente says:

    how about the moon?

  20. Amaya Nicole says:

    Stunning….Thanks this video….

  21. Nice i like great wall of china

  22. Sameer N says:

    Angkor Wat deserved to be in the 'Final 7' wonders list more than Christ Redeemer statue

  23. Sia Mean says:

    Christ the redeemer made it on the list? Christian bias coming from the listing committee. Jesus would even frown on it.

  24. Taj Mahal is really amazing

  25. Would love to see The Great Wall Of China

  26. We'res the grand canyon

  27. you should give the information also about it

  28. Where is Phillipines banue rice tereses

  29. There are wonders better to see than all these

  30. Ataur Rehman says:

    Very. Brilliant. Tajmahel

  31. Nooo theres no"agdang agdang palayan" its on Philippines

  32. Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia should be among the 7 Wonders of the World. Angkor Wat Temple is the largest religious monument in the world and it is artistically breathtaking, was built in the 12 century by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII.

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