Four Winns V275 Cruiser Boat – Best Travel Destination
January 2, 2019
Paris City Video 2018 France City Break Tour Travel Vacation Guide Visit
January 4, 2019


Are you travelling for the first time of going backpacking for the first time? Have you read all the travel blogs and watched all the travel vlogs but still looking for …



  1. OMG first time travel destinations! Do you agree with my picks? Where did you go for your first trip abroad?

  2. OOOHHHH now I have got some new places to add to my list so thank you and great video!

  3. Ridiculous fussy with food but not with sleeping with a smoke detector constantly pinging!

  4. Funny, interesting and very useful! You've definitely got the "X-factor"! 😉

  5. James Chicks says:

    thats exactly a video you need. very informative and a great choice of personal stories. love watching your vide man, still do! you use the term hate quite often, some people may get easily offended by that tho, you could improve that in some way imo. btw do you have a metronome in the background of whats that *mysterious ticking noise*? haha

  6. I agree with you, Italian food probably the best food in the world. Kuala Lumpur is a great place to be, excepting the China town, that's a dodgy place. Singapore we like it a lot, specially the Marina bay Sands hotel. Bali, definitely the place to go as first timer. We would love to see NZ and US, maybe in future this wish will come true. Maybe we should do a video about this topic also.

  7. Awesome vid Dude, told how it really is!

  8. Tokyo Drew says:

    Great video – very useful and informative! BUT….. NO JAPAN on this LIST? WTH! definitely 60/60! I can't believe you didn't add in Japan…lol boooooo! (ok, still luv ya Oh that damn beep!

  9. In 1991 I did my first travel holiday. France, Germany, Poland on train. In Poznan, I felt like I was in a black and white movie. Early 90’s did a lot of Europe, I remember being woken in the early hours by Hungarian cops when crossing border. I was asked if I had any drugs, which I didn’t and said no, he seemed disappointed and left. Got bored of Europe and decided on my 15 month round the world bop. New Zealand being to this day one of my favourite’s.

  10. Huda Hussin says:

    I want to go new Zealand but I don't have license to drive….. Huhuhuhu… Anyway a lot of good information. Thank u….

  11. Remove or replace that damn battery!! otherwise great video, good information and advice. XX

  12. Great list David! I haven't been to any of those except for USA of course. Is Mexico on your second list?

  13. PETER LOWE says:

    Comprehensive guide for the younger ones amongst us there David. Useful stuff again. My first big trip was the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul Sirkeci in 1975 with my Dad ! I was 19. He carried a copy of the Daily Mirror with him and read the same paper every day ! No mobiles, no anything back then. It was just a normal service train with couchettes and cost very little. Yes it actually ran to the 'Orient' in those days, not just around the railways of the British Isles at an exorbitant price.

  14. Watford Fc says:

    Good stuff looking forward to more videos , glad I’m on your patreon as you put a lot out for very little back cheers fella

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