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October 19, 2018
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Top 10 Places in India you are NOT allowed to Visit -Hindi | English Sub

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  1. Beyond Limit says:

    One area where you aren't allowed to visit is
    Needs to take prior permission from Amrish Puri

  2. Cholamu lake toh merey kitney friends gyeh hai

  3. Shiv Pandit says:

    aap kaise waha pe gaye the………..

  4. This is a complete lie the first group of people you show are from Namibia and then people from Amazon in Brazil. You are full of shit liar. I am not Indian and have nothing to do with India but this is absolute rubbish.

  5. murtaza ali says:

    i m from sentanalis island where everyone can come ….but we r nt responsible if they become our dinner

  6. Vishal King says:

    Hiii… I am from north sentinel island….

  7. hey I have a complete Igatpuri Vipassana centre lifestyle videos.. somehow my friend managed to record all this if you want to make a biography on that please let me know..

  8. Priya 2018 says:

    Please talk in English

  9. I don't want to visit that hotel because i am respected person

  10. जहाँ कोई नही जा सकता वहा आप कैसे गए

  11. Bhai tum kaha se chle gye esi jagha….

  12. Abdul Shahul says:

    Bro there is no permission to go but how the video recorded

  13. U can't come in my home without permission

  14. Waseem Hacks says:

    Abe Andaman Nicobar India me kaha se aya Knowledge Baradho apne ye sub kar ne se acha

  15. बास्तर नही बस्तर है जहाँ से मैं हूं

  16. Hello sir
    Mene abhi barren island ki tourism vid dekhi hai
    But AP keh rahe Hain nhi ja skte kyon

  17. Nagen Sathi says:

    We can to go sikkim Lake

  18. Shm Abad says:

    Itni shudh Hindi na use Kia karain Urdu bolny walon ko ni samjh ati

  19. Tyler Stokes says:

    The only reason I watch these are to find places that I now contemplate about what it would be like to be able to actually break into one of them.

  20. sm sm says:

    im indian uno hotel py my gaya huu …this video is fake

  21. Hey bhai i m from. Bastar yaha aisa kuch nhi hai sab aa sakte hai bhoot natural spot hai yaha

  22. Roy Sunder says:

    abe lavdeke baal kuch bhi mat bol

  23. Sadman Hafiz says:

    the voice of yours is nice.

  24. CAguest says:

    I see that a lot of people are saying you are allowed to go to Bastar and have been (or lived) to Bailadilla/Kirundul/Bacheli (NMDC etc). Truth is Bastar district has had restrictions placed for Foreigners since early 1980s. Not all of the district but some sections of it. Especially the area around Narayanur (Murnar, Ehnar, Kangali etc). This was due to the fact that many used to make porn films at Gotlu (tribal night clubs) around there. This was true in 80s and early 90s. Not sure what is the status now, but due to Naxal activities, CRPF has restricted many areas from time to time for security reasons. You know, you get kidnapped because of your stupidity and police has to put their life on line.

  25. Dev Kurre says:

    Bastar welcomes everyone! No need to fear anything

  26. Koi nai ja skta tu kysa gya aba

  27. Biraj Borah says:

    Gurudongmar is a tourist place in North sikkim and people visit easily. You can also go by bike and it's totally allowed …..

  28. d N says:

    These places are beautiful because Indians are not allowed to visit

  29. Bastar chhattisgarh is not restricted area u can enjoy beauty of baster in any season

  30. India Watch says:

    Pangkong v gaya hu
    Kya admin kuch v de dete ho

  31. India Watch says:

    Hello mr Gurudangmar lake me hum ja ke aa chuke hai par kast bohat hua

  32. Satya Shakya says:

    me to gya hu kyi bar chambal me

  33. Sentinel Island ke bare me bata rahe yo fir Amazon tribe ke video kyun dekha rahe ho..

  34. Awesome awesome place in india

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