Best Tourist Attractions Places To Travel In Turkey | Rumelihisarı Destination Spot
November 6, 2018
Ladakh 2017 4K India Top #1 Tourist Destination incredible ladakh tour
November 8, 2018

Hey… Welcome to the Indian Travel Diaries, Please subscribe to the channel. This video is about the top 10 things to do in Goa.. Once a Portuguese colony and …



  1. How many days would ideal for the trip

  2. Which is best to visit for a short trip , south or north Goa??

  3. Very bad accent for a Goan tourism publicity a/v

  4. SP TOP INFO says:

    Are start from harvalim waterfall

  5. Fake accent is a huge turnoff !!
    The listing is awesome though.

  6. in martins corner do we have to book in advance?? im planning to go in august

  7. dahal samir says:

    Is it south goa or north goa

  8. Cup Cake says:

    it looks so dirty ☹

  9. didi what what lovely thing is show n hebi esmoth vocals also, also dada doing top videographe

  10. Wow. Loved it. Iam a goan, good that u have explored well co the vloggers just make it to the beaches.

  11. B Dinesh says:

    Can you please tell is the water sports are available in October month???

  12. I am married now and haven't been to goa yet… My whole life is a lie It seems

  13. Eyube Martin says:

    Planning to visit Goa with a group of friends, think you could help us in planning the trip to be as eventful but on a budget?

  14. Nice video quality… I like your video style and capture… Subbed u.. I will try to upload some Goa videos

  15. Can u say What is the price for parasyling and duration?

  16. I leave in goa I saw that all beautiful places

  17. I agree with you regarding authentic Goan food at Martin's corner

  18. When I was Just 12 years old I had Gone to Goa With my Family Those are very sweet memories

  19. Hi there great video. Can some one send a google map location or guide me to this spot @5:25 .

  20. Deepak RAO says:

    How can you miss to mention Palolem

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