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December 12, 2018
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December 14, 2018

As one of Canada’s Maritime provinces, New Brunswick has a lot to offer for visitors. From urban centres to incredible natural landscapes, check out the top 5 …



  1. The Captaino says:

    it's so calm & beaty place 🙂

  2. Wow¡ So beautiful New Brunswick. One of my best options for immigrate as skilled worker, Salut des La Ville Queretaro,Qro.Mexique¡

  3. Devon A says:

    Bring tick and bug spray.

  4. Daniel Munn says:

    Great Video!! we are going to
    NB because of it

  5. marshhen says:

    You do not actually say where the Acadian Historical Village is. That would be helpful.

  6. J OneLife says:

    Check out a cruiseship, go to a beach and have it to yourself, take a ferry in the country, enjoy the best seafood,, enjoy amazing live music…at an Irish pub

  7. Thanks for the great video! My sons live near the longest Covered Bridge in the world located in Hartland, NB. Last month they held a dinner and dance on the bridge to celebrate it's 100th anniversary.

  8. Anna on Tour says:

    Now I got some ideas what to do in the 3 I'll be in New Brunswick in October.

  9. Thanks for the tips! Going there on a cruise soon!

  10. Ben Melnyk says:

    I live in Nova Scotia

  11. I live in riverview a town beside moncton

  12. We would like to move to N.B from France. 🙂

  13. Extraordinary beauty! My dream is to live in Canada.

  14. I have a travel guide showing all the many places to visit in New Brunswick. It would be a nice getaway from the heat in Phoenix.

  15. ef mons says:

    Hello. I'm a graduate of Marine engineering and currently sailing on international waters. I was wondering if i can find a work there and be a permanent resident or study for a
    Year And get a job related to maritime and be a permanent resident in the future

  16. your info about the hopewell rocks is wrong , they have not formed over millions of years they have only formed since the end of the last ice age ……..

  17. cant wait to move there 🙂

  18. I Love no Canadá. I am from Brazil.

  19. Hopewell Rocks is literally amazing. I went a few yrs back and loved it! The scenery is beautiful!

  20. I dream to immigrate to NB ^_^

  21. searching friends to know more about canada and the prices to rent an apartment

  22. I am happy to live in Saint John New Brunswick

  23. there is St. Andrews , Kings Landing. . many more thing to do in Fredericton. hiking,biking, and walking on the longest canada trail.
    there so much more to this beautiful provinces

  24. peter yeung says:

    Beautiful intro, saint johns, my hometown.

  25. I'd like to immigrate to New Brunswick

  26. C Jasz says:

    NB is a welfare state, nobody has ever heard of capitalism – vagrants ask you to sell them single cigarettes at bus depots.
    Fantastic libraries are housing TB and STD infected street people.Stores open only at 10.
    There are no doctors, some newcomers wait for 2 yrs to get an aging doctor assigned to them.
    If the CBC would not relay some Canadian news to the area, all you can here is yee-haw french country music on the airwaves.
    Cold arctic wind blows even in May, food prices are sky high – somebody should nuke this part of the country.
    Obese people are all over, 20% of the population smokes.
    Old people are everywhere, you can NOT buy national Canadian newspapers like the National Post here, the ever controlling Irving brothers are pushing their crappy daily papers for $ 2.50 a shot .
    Stay away!

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