Padua, Italy, travel in the Old Town
December 26, 2018
December 28, 2018

Tuscany Week Long Road Trip Vlog | Florence, Siena, Pisa, Wine Tasting, Things to Do

Follow us LIVE as we travel! Join us on this vlog as we spend 6 days driving through Tuscany, Italy. We visit Siena …



  1. When in Europe, maybe don't say "the whole city just reaks" lol

  2. Gaming God says:

    Don't drive in Italy, the government are scumbags. They have cameras all over, and they specifically go after rental cars once verified. What this means if that you can be driving with the speed of traffic, and no one else would get a ticket, except non residents like yourself that are driving a rental car.

    In the end, do what you want, research as much as you want, but I guarantee that if you drive in Italy for at least a week and a half, you're getting a ticket for sure, because that's the way the Italian Government has it setup, they collect money from tourists to fund their failing economy….

    That being said, it still is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so if you CAN afford $250 (per ticket) average tickets, then by all means, drive and enjoy….

  3. Trouble finding a parking spot? Well, what would you expect in this heavily touristic region! Is it any easier to find one in London or Manchester? As for the driving, frankly, the Italians drive quite civilized and mostly abide by the speed limits. I've travelled in Tuscany by car countless times during the last 20 to 25 years, never had the feeling it was scary by any means! So, sorry, but a lot of BS here, although your videos are quite nice overall!

  4. I really loved the fact that you gave candid review with tips. You clearly expressed what you did NOT like. This honesty is missing in most travel blogs/vlogs. Most of them just praise every darn place… Liked and Subbed :)… looking for more reviews with tips.

  5. Time4aKiss says:

    The British are always the best at explaining things.

  6. NELSON PAILY says:

    What time of the year is this video shot? Does anyone know?

  7. Alessandro M says:

    Actually compared to what you eat in AngloSaxon countries, the Tuscan cuisine should make you lose weight because it's far more healthy.

  8. THe parking is 100% you fault. We never had any problem. Use gps and local forums. Also if you are just stopping for 1 hour, do what every brainy tourist do…stop in a shopping center parking lot.

  9. horrible song . . . had tostop watching.

  10. Hey, everytime I drive to Florence I also park at the Coop and take the "tramvia"! Smart move & good tip. They also sell super cheap Daily Family tickets for max 4 persons, good all day for the tram and buses too.

  11. Rog5446 says:

    If you visit Volterra, pay a visit to the Etruscan museum.

  12. is this friggin' rick Steve's Europe????

  13. The Cuban says:

    was your trip in November? I wonder if the end of November or December is a good time in regard to the weather conditions to visit the area.

  14. Very nice and informatove clip
    How long did you spend for this whole trip?

  15. peter barber says:

    finally a real travel vlog without basic girls showing off their shopping and dresses, subbed and liked great content 🙂

  16. ice la honk says:

    pretty cool except that bit about 'driving drunk, without a care in the world'. thats pretty appalling

  17. This was very helpful, thank you! 🙂

  18. Miguel G. says:

    Yes, that was “a” statue of David but not “the” Statue of David. It might have been useful to clarify that. And who would pick up their wine glass like that?

  19. Danni1567 says:

    This is such a helpful video! Thank you!

  20. ConnollyCove says:

    Wonderful video!!! 🙂

  21. ECJ Vlogs says:

    Thanks for all the tips. I like how you give tips to help viewers by giving us the good and the bad on each places. Rather than making everything look good and perfect you give us a good idea of what to expect and help us save time incase we visit these places. Thank you and i hope you channel blows up as it will help alot of travellers out there.

  22. Emmy B says:

    Best video I've seen on visiting the region. Thank you!

  23. How was driving in Italy? We are going in June. Flying into Naples from Amsterdam and want to explore Pompeii, Amalfi, Coast and then head to Rome. I've read a lot about car break-ins and attempted car jackings at red lights. Is this accurate? Thank you!

  24. Perfect vlog just what I needed before going to Tuscany

  25. LunaRIS says:

    love your editing so much!! check out my videos to siena as well!!

  26. which two regions in Tuscany do you recommend staying overnight ?

  27. Monjardin000 says:

    Oh my God, Monteriggioni's museum is probably the most embarassing museum that we have in Italy! It worths the visit just because it's included in the ticket ! 😀 It is so useless and awkward that actually becomes an essential stop! The dummies…Jesus…pure uneasiness! 😀
    "Pisa, when never before has subsidence been such a celebrated occurrence." And with this sentence I subscribed!

  28. That was really helpful and entertaining presented. I am planning a few-days-trip to Tuscany in September this year, being on my own and looked for some recommendations. Since I spent many years ago a university semester in Siena, I would like this time so see some more spots in the countryside. So, considering a temporary car and take maybe two different hotels, might be a good way to choose. Mabye, to safe money for food and other things to see, I might take an unexpensive overnight accomodation somwhere in the countryside but still looking for addresses. 
    Anyway, thanks for that nice video.

  29. Hi Paul. Love your editing, that's hard work! My daughter and I have a channel and as someone who spends a lot of time editing I had a couple q's. I also use FCPX and love it. 1. your intro, how'd you make it, any special software? 2. Music. I mostly use Kevin MacLeod. Where do you source your great music? Are you monetized? 3. How did you manage the hand drawing on the italy map? I'm creating a video now on the fastest way to Pandora's Flight of Passage, without the long waits, thus the map question. 4 Sound FX source? I find stuff free online but find the libraries lacking what i need often. Thanks for any help, and again amazing work!

  30. Robert Lamas says:

    Nice job bro, keep it up

  31. remsan03 says:

    "Pisa, when never before has subsidence been such a celebrated occurrence."
    That is a phenomenal line and totally English of you.

  32. I just enjoy watching your videos. You can visit Philippines next. 🙂 Check out Boracay, Palawan and Cebu.

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