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January 8, 2019
January 10, 2019

Visit Barcelona – The DON’Ts of Visiting Barcelona, Spain

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  1. You kind of made it seem like Barcelona is a bad place to visit :/

  2. Burdea Andra says:

    Thank you! I am starting to follow you and you really helped me!

  3. My two cents as someone who just went to Spain in Oct. (2018). The whole "watch out for the thieves & pickpockets" in Spain thing is way overblown, creates needless anxiety & unwarrantedly stigmatizes the locals. We visiited Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Valencia & Barcelona & never once saw anyone victimized by thieves or pickpockets! If you're not a total idiot and remain aware of your surroundings and whose around you, you should have no problems! Don't wander away from your bags or belongings and if you're a guy who keeps his wallet in his back pocket, just hook your thumb in it as you walk along, especially in crowded situations. Also, the WORST thing anyone can do to look like a tourist (all the "what clothes not to wear to not look like a tourist" tips are b.s. too because Spaniards & other Europeans wear all kinds of clothes, yes, including cargo shorts & baseball caps) is to wear a stupid backpack or daypack! Ditch it & just carry what you absolutely can't do without in something much smaller & less conspicuous!

  4. Sage Maneja says:

    The late night thing happens all over spain, its like we try to outdo each other in how late we go home haha

  5. All is absolutely true

  6. Armin M says:

    Also, don’t wear a Real Madrid Jersey in Barcelona

  7. Junie says:

    Went there with my husband stayed in the old town area blocks away from Las Ramblas. I also saw a young girl probably a college student with her backpack have her wallet lifted in front of a large crowd. The crowd was so large it would have been impossible to warn her it was very sad to see knowing her vacation was ruined. I recommend people carry their backpacks in front of them at all times not on their backs. I used a purse with locks, it was slash proof and I wore it across my body at all times even when eating. One day we decided to stop and have a couple of glasses of sangria and I was very careful to be aware of my surroundings after we left the outdoor restaurant. I figured we may be targets as pick pockets may assume our guard was down from drinking and boy was I right. We turned a corner to a more quiet street and heading back towards the crowds when two men I saw them approach out of the corner of my eye they broke of from each other it seemed odd and super fast one started for my husbands side and the other my side. They tried to make it seem like they accidentally bumped into us as we turned the corner of the street. One guy went on each side of us probably to throw us off as to what they were doing. I pulled my husband so hard to my side the second I saw that mans hand reach out near my husbands pocket area that he nearly fell on top of me I yelled pickpocket. my husband did not get his wallet stolen that day but learned a valuable lesson and used his money belt for the rest of the trip. He thought I was over reacting when I had asked him earlier in the day to use a money belt. I could see his wallet when his dress slacks pocket would gap open so I told him a thief would see him as an easy target. He told me he would know if a situation is coming well he was clueless when it happened and now uses a money belt.

  8. Megan Menard says:

    Hey, thanks for this. I plan to study abroad in Barcelpna in Jan of 2019 to April. Any more tips are greatly appreciated.

  9. Barcelona is a hotspot for thieves and pickpockets and bag slashers and snatchers!!!

    Invest in a bobby anti theft bag!!

  10. Jr says:

    You can buy tix and reserve a time to visit la La Sagrada Familia to skip the lines

  11. Desmond A says:

    Big fan and a subscriber. Question. I am heading to Barcelona and Madrid next month. Where are the best areas to lodge in both cities? I just booked a hotel in the gothic area of Barcelona. I am not sure where to stay in Madrid yet. Which websites do you use to book your hotels? Hotels vs Airbnb: which one is better? I have never used Airbnb before. I may go to Lisbon for few days too. Any advice for a solo traveller going to Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon? What do you think of hop on hop off buses and going on day trips? Is it a waste of money or should I go to these attractions by myself? For instance, day trips from Barcelona to neighboring cities.

  12. Copecel _ says:

    #1. Don’t visit Barcelona

  13. Breakfast is not hard to find

  14. letlet ty says:

    its for real that pickpocketing in barcelona are very rampant coz it happened to my aunt just a few days ago..and its kind a scared really…!!noe i will suggest to my friends to visit this country.. i hate it..

  15. Barcelona is a city in Catalonia, a country in Europe, such as Scotland. Please, respect this.

  16. SKALSKI says:

    Why do I see all these Videos about where to go in Barcelona recently? by the way there is an overpopulation of tourists there , it seems like the people of Barcelona is tired of it. You might want to go somewhere else ! Peace !

  17. Sean Coyne says:

    I'll give you a don't about Barcelona…don't go there, unless you like being robbed at knife point. Put up a fight and you'll get stabbed quick smart. Happened to too many people I know. Bugger Barcelona.

  18. this is all true!! I love your videos because I always thought they were very accurate, so me being from barcelona and watching this…. just perfect!!

  19. Sydney Shaw says:

    #5 they will out party you, said no one to the Scottish lol !

  20. Coco Bello says:

    When an American trying to explain stuff about anything outside of the US is just epic, so many flaws in this….

  21. Curcija515 says:

    How about “1 euro 1 euro 1 euro 1 euro” jazz that pisses me off

  22. We are Spanish and we don’t like Muslims or Middle East or many blacks please don’t come here yes we are little racist

  23. gabyenbsas says:

    1# don't come we are sick of tourists! 2# if u insist on coming stay in the gótico área, don't come around were we locals live. 3# don't rent Airbnb, you are ruining our rent system.

  24. jacquesvol says:

    Indeed, the pick pockets are a major PITA in Barcelona

  25. ir Craddle says:

    There are many places where you can eat before noon, so that's not accurate. I mean if you expect to eat a pig at breakfast, yeah, you won't be able to. But you will be able to get different types of bocadillos, pastry, etc, etc; things that you normally eat in the morning. And another advice, just avoid Ramblas, nothing to see there. 90% of the people walking there are tourists, the rest of 10% are pickpockets. If you want to get to the port through Ramblas, there are many other parallel streets that can take you there. And another advice, don't be that stereotypical douche-frat like tourist. People are nice in Barcelona, be respectful and they will treat you nicely.

  26. Daniel Smith says:

    Ive Been to Barcelona and I almost got pickpocketed by a couple but I saw them in my bag.

  27. ROCKY Music says:

    Barcelona great so is Benidorm and Madrid just go trust me !!!!

  28. Don't say Barthelona

  29. Not only don't eat on Las Ramblas, just avoid Las Ramblas completely. It's basically an English street.

  30. #1: Don't talk about politics!!!!!

  31. What about don’ts of Madrid as you have been there several times or Spain in general

  32. Mark! I’ve now used your Dos and don’ts videos for Sweden , Rome , Barcelona and Germany now for holidays and man I thank you made my trips 10x more fun

  33. party till dawn what? more like party three days straight

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